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    In the last year MHC has gone through some transformations! Motherlode Holistic Wellness Center has closed, however The Body, Mind Spirit Center of Amador has taken over the space at 1001 Broadway under the direction of Davina Edmonson, CMT and Jim DuCray, MFT.

    MHC is once again focused on sharing community information and highlighting the work of Brandy LaRae Astwood, CHT, CIMT, CD, HCBE,  as well as growing the online resource directory of health and wellness professionals in the Amador, Calaveras and El Dorado gold country region.

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    To discover more about the services offered by Brandy LaRae, please explore the links at the top of this page for more information.

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Amador Farmers Markets Open June 1st

Market June 1st.doc

Mothers Day Wellness Retreat

Brandy LaRae💫

Jackson Power Walk Classes

Here is our new session calendar and a new attachment/flyer.

Thanks so much!

Tuesday Thursday
Mar. 11 Mar. 13
Off Week of March 17
Mar. 25 Mar. 27
Apr. 1 Apr. 3
Apr. 8 Apr. 10

It’s always a great day to WALK!

Beth Sands,
Certified Walk Leader
Phone or Text: (209) 471-8792
(209) 471-8792

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Walk Live With Fitness Made Fun

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FREE Listing in MHC Directory!

I have decided to open the MHC community resource directory at no cost.

The reason?

My focus is on building my private hypnotherapy practice. That is where my energy is directed. I do not want to spend time tracking subscriptions, sticking to a timely schedule of posting, collecting payments and so on. Nope, does not resonate with me at all!

However, I do not want to abandon the community I spent years building thought the Center. By offering the listing for free I can add your info and no other follow up is needed. MHC remain a valuable resource for our Motherlode community. Win, win, right?

I’ve streamlined the process of posting to the blog and in most cases can have your event, special offer or other news shared within 24 hrs of submitting.

So please register your holistic, complementary, alternative, healing business today, by clicking here. Listings are reserved for local Northern California business.



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